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The Town of Stow,incorporated in 1833, is one of Maines many small towns. It is located in
the western Maine foothills, with the newly designated Maine Scenic Byway Rte. 113 running through it. 

The Town of Stow,incorporated in 1833, is one of Maines many small towns. It is located in the Western Maine foothills bordering New Hampshire and the Mount Washington National Forest. The Town of Stow encompasses rural farm land, rolling country side terrain, and the beautiful wildlife habitats of the historic Cold River stream for some of the best fishing in Maine.

         The Town Hall Committee is researching the feasibility of saving the
old town hall.
         The Stow Corner Store will be reopening soon!!!

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About Stow Maine

The town of Stow uses the Lovell transfer station where recycling is mandatory.

Recycling reduces the annual cost you pay through your tax dollars for usage of the transfer station.

Following is a list of what is recycled and also all the other items which are accepted at no cost.   Please help reduce the cost we pay for using the transfer station – Recycle!

Hours: Wednesday, Thursday, Saturday, Sunday  8:00 – 5:00     phone: 925-1300

Items to Recycle:  1.Glass (all mixed colors)

2. Tin Cans, Aluminum cans

3. Plastic’s, #1, and #2 only

4. Cardboard, (corrugated only)

5. Returnable cans and bottles

6. Batteries

The above items are handled in the transfer building; PLEASE ask for assistance if needed. The transfer station utilizes excavators for sale in Maine to move around the trash and maintain the grounds around the transfer station. 

SOLID WASTE ONLY, NO paints, stains, gas, thinners, poisons etc. trash is sent to MMWAC to be incinerated and recycled into power.  SAVE $$ remove all but household trash from trailers.

The transfer station also takes:

7. Compost (leaves, grass, garden waste etc)       8. Tires (rims must be removed and separated)

9. Metal (no metal picking allowed)                      10. Sheet Rock and plaster

11. Ceramics and Brick       12. Wood (NO!!! Pressure Treated, creosote, remove metal)

13. Waste Oil                        14. Newspaper and magazines (no flat board please)

15. Brush and Stumps         16. Electronics (Computers, TV’s, Printers)

17. Light bulbs                      18. Demo Trailer, (please check with attendant)

ALL TRAFFIC should PLEASE report to attendant before dumping and have trash separated.

Dump stickers are available from your town clerk.

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